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Videoconferencing: choose efficiency!

The ideal tool is one that is adopted by users...

Smart Office integrator!

Coworking, Corpoworking, Flex Office, tools adapted to your needs...

The right size for your premises!

In the past, the game was to adapt the premises to the evolution of the business... Today, Flex Office and OMS Building enable you to develop your business while optimizing the use of your premises!

Pilot flexible working!

Teleworking or face-to-face? It's not always easy to know where your employees are... Some may even be on vacation!OMS Smart Soft Solutions helps you see things more clearly...

Companies are constantly evolving. As a result, requirements in terms of workspace and resources vary. As the company grows, so does hybrid working. To answer these equations, the Smart-Office enables space configuration and resource allocation to be quickly adjusted in line with changes in team size, specific projects or employee needs.

Discover how Flex-Office and Smart-Office applications can help you reduce your real estate costs, or rather make them more profitable by transforming unused space into co-working or corpo-working spaces.

By integrating intelligent technologies, the smart office facilitates hybrid working, optimizing efficiency and collaboration. From customized workspace reservation systems to advanced communication applications, it enables smooth, efficient collaboration between on-site and remote employees. Adapted software and hardware tools enable flexible use of spaces, improving planning and accessibility.

Find out how Smart-Office helps hybrid teams make a seamless transition between physical and virtual environments.

Smart-Office makes it easier to manage teleworking within the company
Flex-office reduces a company's environmental impact

Flex office and smart to reduce your company’s carbon footprint. By optimizing the use of space, the Flex Office reduces the need for massive real-estate infrastructures. At the same time, the smart office, through automation, intelligent energy management and reduced travel, contributes to a more efficient use of resources, minimizing waste and emissions.

Discover how the combined approach of Flex-Office and Smart-Office promotes a transition to more sustainable working practices, reducing the environmental impact of your activities.

Un intégrateur Smart-Office au service de votre projet Flex-Office
OMS Workoplace améliore la productivité de l'entreprise
OMS Smart soft solutions pour le télétravail

We are convinced that flexible workspaces are the key to improving user experience and increasing team productivity. We’re proud to be able to help companies achieve these goals.

Xavier Seringe, Founder
Xavier Seringe - President Open My Space

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