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Declaration of presence: Who is where, and when?

Hybrid working and attendance management is a headache for HR departments! While some companies have opted for a fixed timetable and imposed face-to-face and teleworking days, others have preferred to leave their employees free to organize their diaries, while constraining them to an imposed face-to-face/teleworking ratio.

In such cases, it is sometimes difficult for HR to check that employees are playing by the rules. This freedom can also lead to difficulties in #organizing teamwork. How do I know if a colleague will be there on the same day as me? Should I send an invitation to a videoconference or face-to-face meeting?

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A time and attendance application connected to the HRIS

By definition, hybrid work is flexible. This means that, even if an employee has agreed to telework on Tuesdays and Fridays, for example, he or she must be able to deal with unforeseen circumstances. Attend a face-to-face team meeting on a day when you would normally telework, or stay at home on days when transport strikes, for example.

The presence declaration application enables him to digitally submit a telework request to his manager. If validated, this information will be automatically recorded in the HRIS.

More broadly, the working time management application will enable the same operations to be carried out remotely as in the classroom:

  • Badging on PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Declaration of teleworking or face-to-face days
  • Declaration of time spent per project

In this way, HR departments will also have all the information they need to tailor bonuses (luncheon vouchers, travel, etc.) to the employee’s actual activity.

A global view of agendas for HR, managers and teams

Teamwork and team management require that everyone has a clear view of the activities of other team members. The Smart-Office presence declaration application, synchronized with the company’s messaging application calendars , lets each team member know where his or her colleagues are, and what project they’re working on at any given moment.

On the other hand, the presence declaration and work management applications guarantee that the company and its employees can apply telework agreements. What’s more, the application enables you to meet yourobligation to monitor and control the working hours of your remote employees, in the same way as for your in-house employees (see Telecommuting policy page).

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Smart-Office and declaration of teleworking presence
strengthening social ties in hybrid work with smart office
strengthen Flex-Office teamwork
it's important to define a teleworking policy