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Boost your company's attractiveness with Flex-Office

HRD: Smart-Office to boost your company’s attractiveness

Managing employees’ teleworking, through Smart-Office applications for example, is an important part of HR departments’ day-to-day work. While this situation was exceptional at the start of the COVID19 pandemic, it is now a long-term one, and needs to be integrated into processes. Provided it is managed properly, teleworking brings new benefits to companies:

  • Increased productivity: employees can choose their workplace and work environment. As a result, they can be more focused and productive.
  • Talent retention: by offering flexible work options, employers attract and retain talented employees who are now looking to balance their professional and personal lives. What’s more, by offering flexible work options, employers are helping to improve employees’ quality of life and reduce work-related stress. Businesses can also adapt their workforce as needed by using shared workspaces or allowing employees to work remotely.

Smart-Office: HR and change management…

HR departments must anticipate certain effects in order to guarantee these benefits for the company:

  • Changes in communication and collaboration management. Employees working remotely often find it more difficult to stay connected, but also to communicate effectively with colleagues and management.
  • Maintaining a corporate culture. Overall, teleworking can make it harder to create and maintain a common corporate culture.
  • Changes in performance management. Evaluating the performance of remote employees is more complex, and requires specific tools and processes.
  • Adapting HR policies. HR policies need to be adapted to take account of teleworking needs and requirements, such as flexible working hours and adapted benefits.
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Smart-Office and declaration of teleworking presence
it's important to define a teleworking policy
strengthening social ties in hybrid work with smart office
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