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Smart-Office + Services = Attractiveness

Attractiveness is one of the main challenges facing business leaders and asset managers. For the former, it’s a question of encouraging employees to return to the office, and giving human resources managers strong arguments to motivate potential candidates to join the company.

For the latter, it’s essential to keep existing businesses in their buildings, and to offer an attractive environment for future tenants. The services offered, billed to users, considerably boost the profitability of their assets.

In both cases, the quality and accessibility of the services on offer will be decisive.

asset managers need to make their properties more attractive
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Create your customized Services marketplace

Smart-Office service management applications are designed to provide users with easy access to a portfolio of services, offering them both convenience and substantial time savings.

By linking these applications to your space reservation services, for example, you’ll enable your users to request specific room layouts, install projection equipment, clean the room, reserve catering trays, and much more.

These services can be provided in-house, but the application can also be connected directly to external service providers. Complementing concierge services, which enhance employee well-being, Services applications meet productivity objectives.

Dashboards to measure user satisfaction

Setting up, managing and centralizing a service offering represents an investment whose effectiveness must be measured. OMS service management applications provide managers and asset managers with the precise information they need not only to assess the volume and frequency of services consumed, but also to measure user satisfaction, and thus indirectly the quality of internal and external services.

By providing invaluable decision-making support, these dashboards make it easier to adapt services to usage and demand.

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