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Strengthening corporate culture

Since the spread of hybrid working, companies have become aware of a risk directly linked to telecommuting and the use of traditional collaboration tools: the loss of corporate culture. Because, while videoconferencing maintains relationships between team members, exchanges are formatted, timed and exclusively dedicated to productivity. The informal exchanges (around the coffee machine) that cement human relations are tending to disappear.

And what can we say about the difficulties encountered by many companies in integrating new employees? While formal communication can be used to pass on information about the company’s organization, products, missions, etc., it doesn’t make it easy to pass on the company’s values. The latter are more subjective, and need to be felt and experienced. And what about organizing meetings with future colleagues to get to know each other!

OMS’s Smart-Office applications for consolidating social ties use a hybrid schedule connected to your e-mail calendar to easily see who’s where and when. It’s so easy to work as a team in a meeting room, but also in the lounge to share a coffee…

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Social networking in the workplace with the Smart-Office

70% of employees say that the value of coming to the office lies in social relations. As such, companies need to implement strategies to condense the opportunities to get together. For less frequent but more intense exchanges.

With OMS’s Smart-Office applications, you can easily share company news with your employees. Announcing the arrival of new employees, a retirement, a success story, or new services offered, for example, reinforces the feeling of belonging to a group.

Teleworking: Preventing the risk of isolation

Telecommuting is not always well received by employees. It implies major upheavals in work organization. What’s more, it also has an impact on privacy, making the private/pro boundary more porous. While videoconferencing puts distant people in touch with each other, it also individualizes the participants, which can create a number of bottlenecks.

OMS’s Smart-Office applications for consolidating social ties provide a complete dashboard of everyone’s interactions with the company, enabling psychosocial risks to be detected and appropriate responses to be found.

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