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Flex-Office: Flexible offices and personal business

Although mobile by definition, the hybrid Flex-office worker must nevertheless manage his paper files (sometimes confidential), his laptop, his office equipment, and perhaps even his cat’s photo…

Obviously, it’s out of the question for him to take everything with him in the evening, or just the bare essentials if he’s teleworking the next day. What’s more, he may not be allowed to take certain documents or equipment out of the company for security reasons…

In addition to managing the gregarious and territorial nature of human beings, the company has to deal with a very down-to-earth problem linked to the absence of dedicated premises: where can employees store their belongings after leaving “their” office?

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Connected lockers, key elements of the Flex-Office

The personal locker is an important element of dynamic office design. As with the latter, they must also offer companies and administrators flexible management and not be dedicated. The use of a key or code is prohibited.

Connected lockers are the ideal solution for employees to store their personal belongings simply and securely. On departure, the system will allocate a locker that meets your expectations in terms of size or options, for example. When the employee returns, a simple swipe of a badge (connected lockers can use the same badges as the company’s access control system) will open the locker door.

Connected lockers: Not just storage

Although the primary function of connected lockers is to store documents and materials, they can also offer practical additional services to their users:

  • Delivery to the workplace is facilitated by the ‘parcel drop’ mode (personal or collective). Employees can have their order delivered to their place of work without having to meet the delivery driver, while being informed of the delivery by e-mail.
  • A dual USB port is also available for recharging mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, wireless keyboards or mice…

Finally, usage statistics will provide the Asset Manager with precise information on locker usage, enabling him to easily adapt his fleet

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