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the end of dedicated desks and workstations

Smart-Office and gregarious employees

The adoption of Smart-Office by employees can encounter obstacles.

Human beings tend to be gregarious.

In other words, they need to come together in groups and feel safe in their community. When employees are used to working in a traditional office, with a dedicated workstation and regular colleagues around them, it can be difficult for them to change their work habits and feel comfortable in a more flexible working environment. However, while they appreciate collective life, they are very attached to their territory.

Humans are highly territorial.

They tend to appropriate a space and consider it their own territory. When employees have a dedicated workstation, they can feel at home in their own personal space. The move to a Flex-Office can cause them to lose this sense of ownership, which can lead to feelings of insecurity and stress.

Smart-Office changes employee communication and collaboration habits

When employees work in a traditional work environment, they are in regular contact with their colleagues, which can facilitate communication and collaboration. The move to Flex-Office can make this communication and collaboration more difficult, as employees are no longer as easily accessible to each other.

The obstacles encountered by management in switching to Flex-Office in the face of gregarious and territorial humans are mainly linked to resistance to change, loss of reference points and difficulty in communicating and collaborating in a more flexible work environment.

It’s vital for companies to take human factors into account when implementing Flex-Office. This is called change management.

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The range of tools offered by the Smart-Office will enable you to create a technical environment which will ensure that employees can return to their personal digital environment and maintain a social life within their professional circle, by creating spaces for digital or face-to-face time and place, facilitating daily life, and guaranteeing that everyone can find “their stuff” in a stable digital environment.

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