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Choosing the right Smart-Office solutions for your Flex-Office project

Why use a Smart-Office integrator?

The Flex-Office is based on heterogeneous software and hardware tools connected to the information system that make up the Smart-Office. It’s a complex environment that needs to interface harmoniously with your information system to boost the productivity of your hybrid workers and your business.
The tools offered by your Smart-Office OpenMySpace integrator are divided into 3 main families:

These heterogeneous tools are developed by a large number of publishers and equipment manufacturers, each specialized in their own core business.

As a Smart-Office integrator and Flex-Office expert, OpenMySpace implements the right tools for your project, guaranteeing compatibility and integration with your existing information system.

How does a Smart-Office project work?

As with any IT project, the methodology and proper execution of each stage determines the effectiveness of the next and ensures that objectives are met.

To achieve this, OpenMySpace teams scrupulously adhere to a tried-and-tested operating procedure, whatever the size or complexity of your project:

  • Need definition
  • Site audit
  • Selection of software and hardware components
  • Integration, configuration and customization
  • Commissioning, testing, documentation
  • User training
  • Maintenance and Support
IT project management for the Smart-Office
where to find the best Smart-Office integrator

Smart-Office integrator: Choose OpenMySpace!

The main function of the Flex-Office is to adapt the company’s organization to hybrid working. As all functions are affected, this transition must take into account all professions and missions to guarantee continuity of service. This requires an in-depth knowledge of the organization and mechanisms governing the smooth running of the company.

Based on Smart-Office tools, the implementation of Flex-Office is an IT project. The major challenge is to ensure perfect compatibility between the various components and seamless integration with the existing information system.

Xavier Seringe, founder of OpenMySpace, has spent over 20 years as CEO and CTO of IT companies. Passionate and committed, he has instilled in his teams a sense of listening and agility. An assertive technology watchdog, he selects the most effective solutions. Pragmatic, it doesn’t give in to hyper-technology or innovation at any price, but offers a range of effective, easy-to-use tools. A single objective: to increase your company’s productivity and promote its growth!