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Flex-Office involves adapting company resources to the implementation of hybrid working or the management of mobile workers. The host company fits out its premises to optimize real estate costs. In some cases, it reduces its surface area in proportion to the time spent by the company’s employees, but some opt to open up their unoccupied premises to outside workers. In this case, we call them coworkers or corpoworkers.

Flex-Office n°1: CoWorking

A coworking space is a place specifically set up by a company or association to offer workers from outside the company or association (freelancers, seconded employees, employees on the move, sometimes teleworkers) a set of resources to enable them to work in optimal conditions of comfort, while benefiting from a social link. The aim of the co-working space manager is financial.

Flex-Office n°2: Corpoworking

Corpo-working means opening up part of a company’s premises to workers from outside firms. The outworker benefits from the company’s resources, while the company breathes fresh air and dynamism, and creates an open and original space for exchange on its own premises. The aim of the welcoming company is above all to offer more diversity, to provide collaborative work spaces with partners, subcontractors and external collaborators. The aim of Corpo-Working is rarely financial.

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Flex-Office n°3: Hybrid-Working

Today, employees and companies alike are enthusiastic about this way of working, which combines face-to-face and distance learning. While the face-to-face part is carried out on the company’s premises, remote work can be carried out by the employee at home, or in a coworking or corpoworking space.

These quick definitions show just how thin the line is between each situation. From an IT point of view, and therefore Smart Office tools, all require collaborative tools, resource reservation and sharing tools, and enhanced security. While these tools are common, it’s their uses, and therefore their settings, that will be fundamentally different. The most obvious example is billing for resources used.

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