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Smart-Office makes it easier for employees to return home

The period of forced telecommuting during the generalized lockdown enabled employees to freely organize their schedules to manage their work assignments, personal obligations and, to a certain extent, their leisure time during the day. Take a 30-minute break in the morning to do your shopping, receive your orders online at any time… So when companies need to get them back into the office, even in hybrid mode, they sometimes have to deploy a treasure trove of ingenuity. And that includes attracting new talent in search of a certain quality of life!

Concierge service brings the convenience of telecommuting to the workplace
in-house concierge service

Concierge services “better than at home

To meet these new expectations, the Smart-Office offers flexible and adaptable concierge service applications. In this way, face-to-face employees can benefit from a level of comfort at least equal to, if not greater than, that which they enjoy at home.

The company provides them with a marketplace of everyday services offered by external providers such as :

  • Dry cleaning
  • Meal delivery
  • Shopping delivery
  • Booking a cab or car rental
  • Vehicle cleaning or maintenance at the workplace
  • Wellness services
  • Sports activities, etc…


Comfort and productivity

Concierge services help companies to make everyday life easier for everyone, improve well-being in the workplace, and build strong, lasting bonds with their teams. What’s more, by bringing these day-to-day services right into the company, concierge applications lighten the mental load on employees, enabling them to stay focused on their missions.

Concierge services bring comfort to employees, enhance the company’s image and optimize productivity.

smart-office concierge application
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smart-office space management
incident management and building maintenance
OMS Building smart-office and concierge services
connected lockers for flex-office