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Asset Managers, Office Managers, OMS building is for you!

Imagine a Smart-Office toolbox that lets you fit out your premises and size your resources to the needs of the company and its employees. Imagine dashboards that inform you about the utilization rate. It also provides you with downtime statistics, or the recurrent non-use of expensive equipment. It’s OMS Building!

OMS Building enables companies to manage their space and resources easily and efficiently. A key factor in performance and agility, the Smart Office provides all the optimization tools needed for development and productivity, while rationalizing the use of company assets.

Offering suitable premises for hybrid working
Smart-Office facilitates technical building maintenance

OMS Building’s Smart Office applications make asset maintenance easier

Hybrid working often leads to the fragmentation of companies. As a result, workspaces have diversified and multiplied on different sites. However, maintenance teams have not been expanded. This means that it can sometimes be difficult for them to have a precise view of the state of all the equipment they have to manage!

By enabling users toquickly and efficiently alert maintenance departments to a breakdown or malfunction, or simply to the poor condition of a room, the Smart-Office facilitates their resolution. As a result, resource availability is improved, to the benefit of user satisfaction. The company’s brand image is preserved.

The smart Office connected to the company’s technical services

Built primarily around digital tools, the Smart Office uses and supplies information to all the company’s technical departments. For example, the use of IoT sensors, such as a presence sensor, will inform the office manager of the availability of a workstation. On the other hand, when connected to the building management system (BMS), this same sensor will provide the information needed to adapt lighting levels and room temperature.

In this way, the Smart Office contributes directly to the optimization of technical and energy resources. What’s more, it generates savings and reduces the company’s environmental impact.

Smart-Office generates energy savings
smart-office space management
incident management and building maintenance
OMS Building smart-office and concierge services
connected lockers for flex-office