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Flex-Office: Defining agile workspaces with OMS Workplace

Hybrid working has definitively eliminated the principle of the fixed office. From now on, companies will be fitting out their premises flexibly and efficiently. This is the Flex-Office. OMS Workplace applications promote a modular layout of spaces, enabling optimum use of resources by integrating open-plan work areas, collaborative spaces and technological facilities. This provides greater flexibility to meet changing employee needs, encouraging innovation and operational efficiency.

OMS Worplace applications provide users with simple, intuitive space and service reservation platforms to help them manage their hybrid work on a day-to-day basis.

soundproof booths bring comfort to office workstations
Organize business meetings more easily with Smart-Office

Collaboration, the challenge of hybrid work

Enterprise collaboration tools are software programs that simplify communication and coordination. A large number of companies use Microsoft 365, which integrates various functionalities, such as instant messaging and document sharing. OMS Workplace collaboration solutions facilitate project planning and management. they encourage transparent collaboration and increase overall team productivity. Thanks to these tools, company members can work synchronously and efficiently. OMS Workplace improves operational efficiency and the quality of teamwork.

Interfaced with traditional collaboration solutions already in place in the company, OMS Workplace applications enrich the user experience by providing a host of service and productivity features.

OMS Workplace videoconferencing solutions, the #1 tool for the hybrid worker

Videoconferencing is now thenumber 1 communication tool used in companies. While videoconferencing is the most popular way for employees to organize hybrid meetings, it is also used to hold meetings with customers or partners. In this respect, the quality of the videoconference must be in keeping with your company’s brand image.

That’s why, based on the principle that a good videoconferencing system should enable you to see, be seen, hear and be heard in the best possible conditions, OMS Worplace offers a range of hardware and software solutions tailored to your premises and uses .

videoconference business meeting
videoconferencing is the 1st hybrid work tool