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booking applications facilitate hybrid work management

The realization of a Flex-Office project lies in the deployment of Smart-Office tools adapted to the objectives. Comprising digital hardware and software, these Smart-Office tools integrate and enhance the company’s IT system. For this reason, the Information Services Department (ISD) is heavily involved in the Smart-Office project. It is therefore generally the main contact for the various internal and external stakeholders in the project. It often draws up project specifications, oversees implementation, and guarantees the operational maintenance of deployed solutions.

Collaboration between teams, within teams, and between teams and external partners is a real challenge. Hybrid working, by multiplying workplaces, has challenged the fundamentals of enterprise collaboration solutions. While the initial aim of collaboration tools was to share and access information, one of the major missions of the IT department is to provide employees with the tools they need to communicate smoothly, simply and securely, between on-site and remote staff, on individual workstations or in meeting rooms.

smart office makes organizing meetings easier
Install soundproof booths in the Flex-Office

According to companies, the aim of Flex-Office and the proper consideration of hybrid working is to bring the ratio of workstations to employees down to 0.6, or even less. This reduction in the number of workstations in the company must be accompanied by the implementation of smart-office tools to ensure that employees can reserve and therefore have access to a space adapted to their mission when they come to the company. As such, the IT Department must provide everyone with the software and hardware tools that enable them to work in all circumstances and in all places, and thus ensure the company’s productivity.

In addition to providing the software and hardware tools that enable employees to carry out their tasks and the company to achieve its objectives, the Smart-Office provides the IT Department with invaluable information on the use and status of the resources made available. In this way, the IT Department can provide the departments concerned (HR, general services, etc.) with the information they need to adapt resources to usage, and anticipate changing needs.

The Smart Office is a company management tool
strengthen Flex-Office teamwork
foster collaboration with Smart-Office
videoconferencing is the 1st hybrid work tool
Flex-Office room and equipment reservation tools