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Smart-Office and HR: where are your employees?

While telecommuting has required major adjustments in terms of real estate and property management, it is a real revolution in terms of the organization of teams’ working hours. Indeed, without a fixed workstation where his presence can be observed, the employee must be able to inform his company of his place of work and activity. Find your employees with OMS Smart Soft Solutions!

Connected to the Human Resources Information System (HRIS), OMS Smart Soft Solutions’ Smart-Office tools make it easy to declare employee attendance. They also ensure compliance with the teleworking policy.

teleworking and human resources
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Maintaining social cohesion in a hybrid enterprise with OMS Smart Soft Solution

While some companies have opted for a fixed timetable and imposed face-to-face and teleworking days, others prefer to leave their employees free to organize their diaries. However, by simply forcing them into an imposed face-to-face/remote ratio.

Appreciated by all, this organization can nevertheless make work meetings more complex. It distorts human relations and reduces the informal communication essential to the smooth running of the company.

Interfaced with traditional scheduling tools, Smart Soft Solutions’ applications make it transparent who does what, when and where, improve team cohesion and preserve corporate culture.

Smart-Office booking tools from OMS Smart Soft Solutions optimize workflows

More than ever, a company’s development depends on the performance of its teams. However, hybrid working reduces the opportunities for face-to-face collaboration that are generally essential to the success of assignments.

Now, by making it easier to plan meetings, send invitations to the people concerned and reserve the room and the necessary technical and logistical resources, Smart-Office applications provide HR departments and companies in general with the means for effective collaboration.

booking tools facilitate hybrid work organization
Smart-Office and declaration of teleworking presence
strengthening social ties in hybrid work with smart office
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