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General services and Flex-Office

Flex-Office: adapting office space to face-to-face work… The general services challenge!

While pre-crisis occupancy rates were already averaging just 60% (JDN Patrimoine immobilier 09/21), they are now estimated at just 45%. This figure is sufficiently eloquent to prompt department heads to rethink the reorganization of work and the use of resources. General Services or Office Managers have the onerous task of refitting the premises. But all the while limiting the impact on functional reorganization and employee comfort.

Smart-Office generates savings for general services

Which areas of Office Management can benefit from Flex-Office?

  • Reducing or optimizing office space. Smart-Office tools can be used to plan the occupancy of offices and meeting rooms. In this way, general departments can easily organize face-to-face work, guaranteeing employees the availability of a workspace and the necessary resources. The statistics we provide also help us to continuously improve our organization.
  • Energy savings. With electricity and gas prices on the rise, energy management is now a major preoccupation for General Services: reversible air conditioning, lighting, use of IT resources, etc. Planning the occupation of premises enables resources to be used where, and only where, they are needed. What’s more, reducing consumption, and therefore CO2 emissions, is an important objective for companies.
Intelligent building management with Smart-Office
Flex-Office saves companies money

Smart-Office facilitates asset maintenance and upkeep

It goes without saying that reducing equipment use, provided it can be measured, will generate commensurate maintenance savings. In the same spirit, tools for managing the use of offices and meeting rooms will allow you to clean only those that have been used! Smart-Office tools guarantee perfect management of premises and precise traceability of interventions to enhance the user experience and control buildings more efficiently.

Here are just a few examples of the savings that can be achieved by implementing Flex-Office. But the focus should not just be on savings, but also on optimization and productivity. The Flex Office concept uses solutions to ensure that General Services can provide employees with the right resources at the right time. They will thus contribute to the comfort and well-being of face-to-face and telecommuting workers, while ensuring their productivity.

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