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Resource management, the cornerstone of Flex-Office

Flex-Office means adapting resources to the needs of hybrid or mobile workers. Companies optimize their real estate costs by fitting out their premises. Some reduce their surface area according to the presence of employees, while others open up their premises to outside workers, creating coworking or corpoworking spaces.

OMS Smart-Office asset management applications provide asset managers with the key indicators they need to achieve their objectives.

Smart Office provides dashboards

Asset managers: Optimize and make the most of your assets

For a Flex-Office company, it’s essential to know exactly how much of your office and real-estate resources are being used. This enables it to adapt its resources to usage, ensure optimal working conditions for its employees and optimize investment and operating budgets. Combined with the room and resource reservation function, the OMS resource management application provides a valuable dashboard to support managers’ decisions.

In other cases, the objective may be profitability. To achieve this, the resource management application compiles reservation and usage data to ensure accurate, complete and automatic allocation to user entities, whether internal (cost accounting) or external (coworking, office building management), and thus optimize invoicing.


Integrate IoT to measure, optimize, save

OMS reservation applications, when connected to the company’s BMS, can also reduce energy consumption… For example, the room reservation application will communicate with the BMS to raise the temperature 15 minutes before the meeting, and lower it afterwards. The presence sensors installed in this room will cancel the heating control if they detect a no-show.

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